So You Think You Can Dance last night had 2 of the best routines I’ve ever seen on the show.

The first is by the insane, amazing Wade Robson. Ever since he did the routine back in the day to Roisin Murphy’s Ramalama and we got the album, I’ve been waiting for him to choreograph something to her song Ruby Blue- it just seemed perfect for his style. And oh my goodness, I was so right. This is probably my favorite thing he’s done, putting it above his awesome crazy Fosse number. ( I can’t find an online source to link to for that one.)

So go here and watch it. There’s a combination at :38-:43 that had me rewinding at least 10 times to watch it over again, and clapping delightedly each time.

The other was a stunning routine by Mia Michaels, who previous to this point in the season was dead to me. I say stunning and I mean it, I’ve watched it 8 times now, and each time I’m left completely breathless at the end, like someone punched me in the stomach. It’s about addiction, and it’s the most compelling, intricate piece I’ve seen of hers. She often talks about dancers needing to come from a place of truth and authenticity, and I always kind of shake my head, because a number of her pieces just feel kind of pose-y to me, but this is so raw and honest and painful.

What makes it even more horribly beautiful is the pre-interview (which isn’t on the video I’m linking to) where Kupono explains that one of his best friends had a serious drug problem that almost killed him. Then he goes on to say, through tears, “I really don’t want to play this character [of the addicting force] for a whole minute thirty. I don’t want to play it for 2 counts.” But he does, and he’s amazing.

Please watch it.

And as an extra, some videos I found today:
Just a special something I stumbled across– especially for all you Wade fans….
Oh, and this.
And just for Jeff: Twitch on The Wade Robson Project
And just for B and this too, specifically the move at :38.
OH MY GOODNESS, POSSIBLY THE BEST THING I’VE EVER FOUND ON THE WHOLE OF THE INTERNETS, EVER: Wade Robson doing Smooth Criminal and Thriller. I think I could die.

Edited to add: Watching Wade dance Smooth Criminal inspired me to watch the original again- I often cite is as among my favorite choreography, but I haven’t seen it in a really long time. (I remember hoping and hoping it would come on MTV- thank goodness for the convenience of YouTube.)Upon watching it I have three thoughts. First, can you believe the audacity of a 10 minute + music video? You couldn’t get away with that now. I LOVE it. Second, my memory served me correctly, it is among my favorite choreography. From 6:40 to the end is the part I love. Third, you can argue (as was done in a recent article I read) that Michael Jackson wasn’t really that great of a singer after he hit puberty, but he was one hell of a dancer. (Pardon my expression.) That’s what I’ll remember him for, more than anything else.

5 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. Hilary on

    Thank you, thank you Maryanne! For linking all these great linky-links. 🙂 Love them! I missed the Mia Michaels routine (p.s. she was dead to me, too). Kupono is SO believable as the addiction. He is so cold and menacing, and yet so attractive and seductive. I love how overall he is holding her down, but there are times when he lifts her ups and keeps her from falling. Love it, love it.

  2. Maryanne on

    Hil, his smirk at the very end is so haunting. He seriously killed it. And so did she, oh my goodness. Her look when she’s trying to pull her arm away and can’t- it breaks my heart anew every time I watch it.

  3. I have On Demand, and I’ve been watching all of Michael Jackson’s videos, and the dancing has really stood out to me too, along with the epic story lines. I think that the Beat It dancing is my fav…

    That addiction business was haunting…

  4. Becky on

    Dude- I own just about every Michael Jackson video, and Smooth Criminal has always been one of my favorites. (Have you seen the entire movie MJ made around the Smooth Criminal music video? It’s horrible.) Anyway, you are in my head.. loved the Mia dance (though I can hardly stand Mia), loved the Wade Robson, and have always loved Michael Jackson – as a dancer first, but also as a singer (not so much for his personality or style).

  5. bruce on

    I just watched the Smooth Criminal video again and then watched Wade’s version. 1st off, great quick costume change between Smooth Criminal and Thriller. Honestly though, I think Wade does a great job dancing the choreography, but it is obvious that they aren’t his moves. I think because Wade is more fluid in his style and Michale really nails the isolation type movements. Well, and Wade doesn’t turn into a giant robot and fly off at the end either.

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