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It is overcast and cold outside. Inside it is toasty and comfortable- probably stuffy if you were to walk in from outside, but we’re inside and used to it. Zoe is cuddled on my lap, warm from a fever that is diffused but not completely destroyed by Ibprofin. We’re listening to Go Speed Racer Go and The Peanut Butter Polka on repeat- anything that will keep her from the melancholy tears that are right under the surface of her day and that keep pouring out with the slightest encouragement.

Tiny is standing in her excersaucer and shrieking in delight at the world. She took her first nap in her new crib this morning, and I was startled to see how tiny she looks in it, tucked up in the corner of that great big space, in comparison to how big she looks in her quickly being outgrown pack n’ play.

We’re all tired, Z was up numerous times throughout the night, and Audrey decided to get up at 5 this morning. So we’re taking it nice and slow and quiet today. But I have lemon biscotti and hot chocolate and mozzarella to enjoy for a snack and lunch, and a new scripture study journal to put together during naps, so it should be pleasant.

And on top of all of that, I have the gift of perspective today, thanks a much needed talk with my wonderful Hilary the other evening and this post. Progress is being made in my quest for order in my home and my life, and even when I have setbacks, the Lord is in control, and His is a house of order.

And now Zoe is playing the harmonica. It is a lovely day.

As a little bonus, some pictures Zoe just took with my camera:

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  1. Oh Maryanne, thank you so much for sharing that post. I so often feel that my life is careening out of my control, and I look at the choices I’ve made and more often than not feel regret. Then my anxiety disorder kicks in, and I can spiral on (and on…and on) about making the wrong decisions. Thanks for the reminder that someone is in control.

    I love you. Next time you see Hil, will you please give her a massive hug for me?

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