Of good report

Dancing with the stars is just rockin’ it for me this week. First Edyta gets her train stuck over her head and declares that the reason she wears so little clothing is because otherwise she gets tangled in it. Now, in their new competition to pick a pro for next season, my favorite crackhead (and I say that in all lovingness) from So You think You can Dance, Snow from Season 1 is competing.
Check out her performing what is in my top ten solos of all time.
This will make anyone happy, it cracks me up every time I watch it. Seriously, it’s marvelous.

Also making me happy this week, I got us a free pizza from our local pizza place because I worked up the guts to call and complain about one of their employees who totally lied to us yesterday when Bruce went to pick up our pizza. (He obviously forgot to put the order in, but when B got there he first claimed that I had called and changed the order to delivery, and then when B called me to confirm, claimed that I had called and canceled the order with the intent to call and order it from their other location. And he did all this while B was on the phone with me, and he could see that, and was just blatantly lying to us.)

I was also reminded of these dances today, and they are absolutely brilliant and gorgeous and happy making. So click! Alone and Mercy (Sorry about the video quality on Mercy, it was the best I could find. But jump to the 1:35 minute mark for the actual dance.) and Then you Look at Me. (For that one jump to the .57 second mark.) Seriously, as much as I hate Lauren’s face, that piece is one of the most perfect pieces of dance I’ve ever seen. Although, this one is really high up there too.

That’s it for now, my bed is calling.

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