An admission

I’m realizing that I’m a total hypocrite, and I think I’m ok with it. Here’s what happened. I was watching Dancing with the Stars this week, and this is what I saw, and what I thought.

Edyta, an adorable and talented Brazillian pro dancer, routinely wears the teeeeeeeny-tiniest outfits known to man. In fact, she was just referred to by her partner as “allergic to clothes”. This is the best picture I could find of what she wore this week, but it basically consisted of a bikini top, a *maybe* two inch long skirt, and a scarf looped around to complete the illusion that the whole thing was a dress. Add to that knee high hot pink leg warmers. It was magnificent. The picture below will give you a better idea, just imagine it in hot pink.

TV Dancing with the Stars

As I said, magnificent. I truly love the fact that she wears next to nothing on a regular basis. It completely delights me.

Now, the hypocrisy.

Julianne, also an extremely talented pro dancer, also has a tendency to skimp it up. This is what she wore this week.

My response to her outfit? Audible “eeeeeeew”s, and “iiiiiick!”s and lots of mental judgements about her as a person. Despite the fact that, technically, she’s wearing more clothes that Edyta. And it’s not just that outfit, which, by any judging scale is pretty atrocious; it’s not even lingerie, which is the usual go-to for the rhumba (have I mentioned how much I HATE the rhumba?) it’s like a parody of lingerie. No, I have the same reaction of judgy-pantness when she wears her other skimpy outfits. Like this one:


Now, if Edyta was wearing that (the blue one, not the super ugly black lace), I’d laugh and think she was adorable. I’ve thought about it, and I think it’s because Edyta has an attitude of complete innocence about her near nudity. It’s like she just comes from a place where people wear no clothes, and so that’s just what she does. Julianne (and not just Julianne- Lacey, and Karina too), on the other hand, just seems to be trying so hard to be sexy when she wears skimpy clothes that it just bugs me.

And like I said, I think I’m fine with it.

6 thoughts on “An admission

  1. bruce on

    why is that guy in the first picture pooping a woman wearing no clothes?

  2. becky on

    Ha! Well, you and I have discussed this before. Needless to say, I don’t think you are the hyprocrite in this story (cough*julianne*cough). And I agree that Edyta is a niave little cutie.

  3. Maria on

    I know this is quite old, but I’ll comment anyway.
    Edyta is actually from POLAND, which I’m pretty sure is not as open to nakedness as Brazil is.
    At least I looked up Edyta, because I’m brazilian and that doesn’t sound like a brazilian name, and the only Edyta I found on DWTS is from Poland.
    Edyta is just sexier, and more comfortable, and more natural, maybe…but it’s because of who she is, and not where she’s from.

  4. Maryanne on

    Hi Maria.
    Thanks for the info. Thanks for checking out the blog.
    But really, rude much?

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