A contest, kind of

So the item in the previous post is already spoken for- I made it with someone in particular in mind, BUT, seeing as I’m still practicing and am always looking for inspiration………..

If you want a journal or photo album, post a comment telling me what you want, and a point of inspiration- a theme, color, item, etc. I will pick one and see what comes of it, and if I like how it turns out, I will send it to you.

Ready, set, GO!

3 thoughts on “A contest, kind of

  1. I’m so impressed with your craftiness! I’ll bite because I am really trying to make a more concerted effort to get my images out of my computer and into something that can be enjoyed by more than myself. I would love a photo album.

    So what would inspire you? hmmmm…. What about quilting fabric? You have been playing with some really beautiful fabrics lately. I’ve been inspired by their colors and design. Maybe that would be inspiration enough.

    I’ll keep thinking. I would really love to own a MaryAnne original photo album so I’m going to get my thinking cap on!!! 🙂

  2. The notepad you made for your sister is super cute!!! I know I could post this comment there but I was thinking about other forms of inspiration and thought I could kill two birds or posts in one sitting.

    Here are more inspiration ideas…
    Spring flowers – daffodils, crocus
    Spring birth/renewal – baby birds, nests, robin eggs, flowering trees
    The ocean
    Spring fashion week
    Dancing – not the rhumba since I know how you feel about that dance. 😉
    farmers’ markets with brightly colored and fresh fruits and veggies
    Chinatown with all the fun smells, sights and sounds

    here’s a few…

  3. oooh…i love the idea of a photo album 🙂 i’m a big fan of orange and pink and red and browns…

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