Palm Sunday

I’ve thought over the years, mostly right around Easter when it’s too late to plan for it, that I should look at the days leading up to Easter in more detail, borrowing from Catholic tradition. And then I forget until the next year, which is what happened again this time.

As the girls get older, I’d like to do something in terms of Holy Week, I think it would be a good way to center Easter on Christ instead of the Easter Bunny. At this point, however, we’re still working on the barest of explanations. Z saw a picture of Christ being placed in the tomb the other day, and was very disturbed and wanted an explanation. We talked about how Christ ‘s spirit went back to Heavenly Father while His body stayed here, and then after 3 days He came back and everyone was so happy. When she explained it later to B, “Jesus got mad so the people made Him go to his bed. He went to Heavenly Father and then came back and everyone was so happy!”. (The mad part came because when she gets all fussy she has to go sit on her bed to calm down.) We’ll work on the details more later. 🙂

Anyway, today is Palm Sunday. In honor of the day, I share this, I hope you find it as uplifting as I did.


4 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. Hilary on

    I love how you’re teaching your girls.
    And I just had to say YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY for Audrey sleeping through the night!!!!!!! And there was much rejoicing!

  2. Maryanne on

    Thanks Brandy, that site is chock full of awesome stuff! Now I just have to remember next year. 🙂 I love you too!

  3. Ana on

    Way to go Audrey!! Does she have a blonde momma yet?

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