Exercise your democratic imperative

and cast your vote.
I’m in the mood to dye my hair again. Which color should I choose?

Light Reddish Blonde


Red/Burgandy (It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it comes out almost purple)

Deep brown

Light Brown

Dark Blonde

Blonde blonde

Cast your vote in the comments. And just an FYI, if I did decide to do blonde I’d go to a salon to get it done- too touchy to do it at home.

And a second, added vote- am I insane that I’m kind of leaning toward the blonde blonde?

3 thoughts on “Exercise your democratic imperative

  1. okay, as an fyi, blush blond is what i dye my hair, and i heart that hair color 🙂

    i like RED for you, but Blond Blond would be boss as well…

    have fun!

  2. Hilary on

    I kind of like the blonde blonde idea too. I remember in the Roland Dr. days when your hair was bleach blonde for a while. I thought it rocked. 🙂

  3. becky on

    Blonde blonde. I really want to see you blonde for some reason. Go for it girl! Woo!

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