Jesus the Christ Chapter 22

I have a killer headache, and my mind is still in kind of a tizzy after just watching Lost, so I’m not going to write much about this chapter today, but there are a couple things I will mention, then you guys can pick up my slack in the comments. 🙂

I love the story of the woman who goes to Christ and isn’t offended by the “give the children’s food to the dogs” analogy. She so easily could have been, or just discouraged, but she kept firm with her faith and was so blessed.

I love the language Talmage uses when talking about Christ as the rock and nothing prevailing against it. Great imagery.

I really feel for Peter. He just doesn’t get it at times, and he’s trying SO hard.

The whole idea of Corben is really interesting to me. (Beside the fact that every time I read the word I hear “Corben Dallas, multipass” in my head)

I find it slightly funny that Talmage feels he has to spell out specifically that Peter was in fact, not Satan.

One thought on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 22

  1. I hope your head feels better, love…

    The story that really stood out to me was Christ healing the blind man in stages. I wonder why he did that? I know he has healed me in stages, as I was ready for it. I especially like how Christ asks the man for his input, and then continues to heal when it is not perfect site yet. I want to listen harder for his still small voice, asking me if there is more he can do for me.

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