Possible metaphors

From rehearsal tonight:

In dance 1, I taught my rockin’ boy soloist his hip hop section. We tried to count it out and it got all confused and we were both dancing it wrong until I said, “just dance it where it feels like it goes”, which both of us then did, in perfect unison.

In dance 2, I spent a good 10-15 minutes re-choreographing a 2 8-count section because of a placement problem we just couldn’t resolve. The new moves had everyone confused and me slightly frustrated, so we let out a little early. Two minutes out of the room I realized the solution to the problem: all we needed to do was move a couple people and we could keep the old steps that everyone knew and was comfortable with.

Also in dance 2, the speed of the moves that begin the dance intimidated the boys, so we slowed them WAAAAAY down. We’ve been practicing them at the super slow speed, and when I told the boys tonight that we were speeding them up, they all freaked out. So we started practicing the moves with a slow count which I incrementally sped up until they were easily doing the moves at the speed I needed.

I think there are object lessons in those experiences for me, but I’m tired and going to bed. 🙂

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