Jesus the Christ Chapter 15

Interesting that this chapter is all about the Sabbath, seeing as I was thinking about the Sabbath this morning in regards to Brandy’s comments about wearing your “Sunday best”. The Sabbath is always tricky for me- figuring out what I should do, how I should observe it, how to best keep it holy. I really don’t think I do a very good job of it. So, this chapter was very thought provoking.

This was really useful:
“The observance demanded, however, was the very opposite of affliction and burden; the Sabbath was consecrated to rest and righteous enjoyment, and was to be a day of spiritual feasting before the Lord. It was not established as a day of abstinence; all might eat, but both mistress and maid were to be relieved from the work of preparing food…”

A couple of things strike me- first, that we are to rest and have righteous enjoyment, but also the part about preparing food. The obvious application is to make all food preparations the night before, making Sunday meals simple and not time intensive. But if we go with the metaphor, we’re told that we’re supposed to spiritually feast, but that “mistress and maid were to be relieved from the work of preparing food”. How many times are Sundays a crazy run around mess of planning lessons, arranging activities, all those kinds of things? I know that I miss out on opportunities for worship at church on Sundays because I’m busy doing things that I could have taken care of earlier. As is stated later in the chapter, there is work related to worship that must be done on Sundays, but I think there’s a lot that I leave for Sunday that doesn’t fall into that category.

In regards to Jubilees- I know the early Saints celebrated these, do we do this anymore? (Not the whole redemption from mortgage thing, but just a celebration.)

I find it interesting that the man at the Bethesda pool had enough faith in Christ to stand up and walk after 40 years of not being able to do so, knowing nothing about Christ or who He was. What was it that caused that? It has to be more than sheer desperation or surprise at the boldness of the command. I’m guessing it was something about the bearing, the personality of Christ that inspired that confidence and faith.

In regards to that- I found this quote this morning and liked it: “We cannot have faith without belief, but we can believe without having faith. Belief is the foundation of faith. Faith is trusting in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The scriptures contain many assurances of salvation to those who exercise faith and obey the commandments… Faith is the motivating force that impels action.” O. Leslie Stone

As always, I anxiously anticipate your thoughts.

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  1. I think the note says it best, Maryanne:

    “The Sabbath law was not one mearly of rest, but of rest for worship. The service of the Lord was the object in view.”

    Awesome. This is why it is not keeping the Sabbath to just refrain from work. The reason we take the day off is so that we have time and energy to worship.

    I was just thinking as I typed this that it must be strange to work at home, like a mom does. How do you “refrain from work” on Sundays? Is it just about not cleaning the bathroom?

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