Jesus the Christ Chapter 14

Lots of good stuff in this chapter, though I don’t really have a ton to say about it, mostly because I’m being screamed at from the other room by a little girl not wanting to take a nap. But, here are my thoughts, as they are.

If it was so necessary for Christ to pray in dependence on the Lord, how much more important is it for me to?

I love that Christ showed time and time again that He was no respecter of persons- he touched the leper, he ate with the publicans and sinners- He really didn’t care about societal rules when it came to how He viewed people. He didn’t buy in that the Pharisees were more righteous, or that being around a sinner would make Him unclean.

Interesting stuff about leprosy not being immediately contagious- very effective metaphor for living death. It’s a relief that Christ could and can heal us.

I love the story of the people breaking the roof to get to Christ, would we do that?

I really really like the transition of Simon, Andrew, James and John being fishermen, with the result being dead fish, to being fishers of men, with the result being everlasting life for men. LOVE IT.

That’s all I’ve got, anyone else?

One thought on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 14

  1. I agree about the importance of prayer. Christ got up early in the morning and went away from everyone, it was that important. I really need to do better at that.

    I was struck by the fact that Christ forgave the sins of the people he healed BEFORE he healed them of their physical diseases. It’s like he knows what the people really need. We can be “healed” of what really ails us, even if we are still physically sick. Being forgiven of our sins is what is really important.


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