Of good report

Things making me unbelievably happy today:

I LOVE DANCING! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m choreographing 2 numbers for our church youth group’s big musical revue. Rehearsals started tonight, and oh my goodness, how I love dancing, and how I missed it. Both numbers are starting out well, although I had to slow down some of the sequences in the 50’s number for the poor boys assigned to it. But they’re coming along well. 🙂 Somewhere along the way I bruised my thumb- not at all sure how that happened.

I got to visit with my very best friend from 5th-6th grade today. We haven’t seen each other since high school, and it was so incredibly wonderful to get to hang out with her again. She has a little girl just a couple weeks older than Zoe, and twin girls just a month younger than Audrey- so it was definitely meant to be. We had a great time, and I can’t wait to hang out with her again.

Zoe says Old MacDonald “Old MacDomald”. It amuses me.

We’re going to Disneyland this weekend! HOORAY!

Which leads me to a book club announcement- I won’t be reading or posting on Friday and Saturday. I probably will on Sunday. So Jess, this is the perfect chance for you to catch up! I’ll post on chapters 10 (from today) and 11 tomorrow, then will pick up with 12 on Sunday. Sound good?

I’m going to bed, my body feels deliciously tired and my thumb feels not deliciously hurty. What in the world did I do to it?

3 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. a) i agree…i miss dancing and have renewed my love for it with stake play. i’m considering taking a dance class again…hmmm.

    b) sorry about your thumb – boo!

    c) i am extremely jealous you are heading to disneyland this weekend as i clean my bathroom & kitchen floor. have fun!

  2. I actually never knew you were such a dancer. I’m sad I didn’t know this MaryAnne! 🙂

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