Watch me go a little crazy

Every now and then I remember that I have a nifty little tool that lets me see how many people come look at my blog and see where they’re from and cool things like that. It’s fascinating to me, and I tend to get a little obsessed by random things I find.

For example:
Who is visiting my blog from Piedmont? If it’s you, please leave a comment. I’m going a little mad trying to figure out who it is. Is it Terry?

There are way more of you than I ever expect. Who are you all? I think I can account for the numbers, and then I look at where they’re coming from, and it’s not who I thought it was. So please, tell me who you are. You never have to comment again if you don’t want to, but please, indulge me.

Those of you who are coming through a link on Goodreads, do I know you? (It’s fine if I don’t, I’m just wondering.)

I think I need to go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Watch me go a little crazy

  1. My name is Jessica and I’m one of your stalkers. Not in a scary stalker sort of way. 🙂

  2. John here — you’re daughters are prolly playing with my daughters at this very moment.

    Valerie showed me how cute your daughter’s websites were and, apparently, we are not “keeping up with the Jone’s”, internet-wise 😉

  3. I’m visiting from your grandpa’s neighbor’s house.

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