Some of you know that I’ve adopted the practice of making a to-do list at the beginning of each year, rather than making New Year’s resolutions. I stole this idea from other people, I didn’t come up with it on my own. I did decently well with my list this year; I don’t know that it would have been possible to actually do everything on the list. I mean, I could have, if I really concentrated on it. Or if I made the list really specific to things I already was going to do. But anyway, here’s the list, the things I accomplished are bolded.

1. Participate in RS book club at least once
2. Add to library for Zoe
3. Read10 child development/education books
4. Read 50 books (55)
5. Read 2 biographies of LDS women

6. Get more books out of the library than I buy –yeah, so not. But I did buy more books on the Kindle, so they were cheaper.
7. Participate in a Chicklit book club
8.Read a book by an author I’ve never heard of Could be any number, but the first one this year was Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance by Gyles Brandreth.
9. Give a book I hated the first time around a second chanceIt’s horrible to do this, but I’m counting the Old Testament. Because, well, I did hate it the first time. I gave up in Leviticus after having nightmares about sacrificing goats. I liked it much better this time.
10. Write about books I read
11. Read biography of Gordon B. Hinckley
12. Read something by an author I’ve always meant to try The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton
13. Reread a childhood favorite Pippi Longstocking by whoever wrote Pippi Longstocking
14. Create list of books to read to Z and A in future

Local attractions
15. Go to the aquarium
16. Go to the zoo
17. Go to Triton Museum
18. Go to Winchester Mystery House
19. Take Zoe to the ocean
20. Take Zoe to the nature preserve

21. Pray morning and night regularly
22. Meditate 5 minutes a day for a month
23. Read the Book of Mormon
24. Read the Old Testament
25. Read the New Testament
26. Read Doctrine and Covenants

27. Attend Sunday school, and prepare for lesson
28. Create a file of FHE lessons
29. Read 5 spiritual books
30. Extract 1000 names
31. Get temple recommend renewed
32. Attend temple twice
33. Keep journal regularly
34. Read RS lesson each week
35. Memorize 10 hymns

Personal Development
36. Practice active listening
37. Ask 3 different people to hang out and actually do it
38. Have 3 different couples over for dinner/games/something

39. Visit teach regularly
40. Contact some old friends
41. Make a new friend
Yes, I am so lame that I have to make it a goal to make a new friend.

42. Use netflix often
43. Participate in RS moms’ group at least 3 times
44. Get manicure
45. Try some new music Vampire Weekend, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Keane
46. Try out Janis Joplin
47. Go to a play
48. Go to tea with Liz
49. Go to a musical
50. Go to a concert
51. Go camping
52. Take a dance class
53. Get sketchbook and draw nature

54. Get needed frames
55. Hang art in bedroom
56. Hang Zoe’s art
57. Hang family wall in Z’s room

58. Get clock for Zoe’s room
59. Make curtains for Zoe’s room
60. Shred old useless mail
61. Clean out Z’s closet
62. Organize pictures

63. Get some plants
64. Commission a picture of Christ from Mike Allred
65. Buy a vacuum
66. Decorate the bedroom in a comfortable, welcoming style
67. Get dressers
68. Get shelving for closets

69. Super clean apt.
70. Organize desk
71. Take book donation to library
72. Make clip storage system for Z

73. Figure out how to arrange Z and A’s room
74. Get out Audrey clothes/stuff

75. Edit novel
76. Write daily letters to Zoe journal
77. Complete index for blog
78. Write thank you notes
79. Write 4 short stories
80. Post to blog at least every 3 days
81. Write 1st draft of Princess book
82. Submit proposal to Deseret book

83. Go to dentist
84. Work out consistently after Audrey’s born
85. Walk every day before Audrey’s born
86. Floss Just FYI- I do floss, this just meant more regularly, and yeah, didn’t do it more regularly. And if I can’t answer to myself, who can I answer to?
87. Drink at least 2 glasses of water daily
88. Get a massage
89. Eat one fruit and one veggie a day
90. Eat less sugar

Homemaking skills
91. Learn how to cook 10 new dishes
92. Make pair of black pants
93. Make skirt (dress)
94. Make quilt
95. Make Zoe 2nd year scrapbook

96. Scrapbook wedding stuff
97. Compile collected recipes into one place
98. Pay loan on time

99. Knit a hat
100. Go to knitting class at Purlescence
101. Have a well stocked pantry
102. Start collecting food storage
103. Make a master grocery shopping list
104. Organize crafting materials

105. Practice purposeful photography (rather than hope and shoot)
106. Order alligator clips
107. Make 10 clips and post on Etsy
108. Make jam

By my count, that’s 55 accomplished, which is more than 50%, which is awesome! Go me! Now I need to make next years list, which will begin by moving some things from this list onto the next one. I wonder if they’ll get done next year?

6 thoughts on “UBERLIST 2008

  1. um…there may be some fibbing on this list. I’m just sayin…

  2. That’s one crazy long list! Good for you. If I had made a list this long I for sure wouldn’t have made it to even 10%! I left a comment on your post awhile back apologizing for calling Zoe, Chloe. Must’ve had a brain freeze. I know she’s Zoe, my fingers just didn’t get the message from the brain. So sorry.

  3. Maryanne on

    Don’t worry about it, Aunt Cindy, I know how the brain freeze goes! 🙂 Love you!

  4. I sent your mom an invite. Hope I don’t bore her to tears!! It’s so lonely being private. I miss the random people who used to stop by but I feel safer private too.

  5. Kim H. on

    Good Job! 50% is an excellent completion rate.

    I find that of the items that were unfinished and moved tot he next years list only a small fraction get finished in the 2nd year, but most are finished by the third year. Therefore, there is a cascading effect. Kind of pretty in certain lights. Keep it up.

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