Zoe needs

This is funny enough to warrant it’s own post, although it could have gone in the comments of the last post. Results of a google search on “Zoe needs”:

Zoe Needs To Assert Dominion Over Her Pod.
I think she asserts enough dominion, thanks

Zoe Needs to Get Some Air.
Yes, that oxygen, it is good for you.

Zoe Needs To Eat Some Chuletas
Of course she does

Zoe Needs More Space at Zac Posen Fall Winter Fashion Show 20008
I had no idea she was even there!

Zoe needs eye surgery
Does she?

Zoe needs a half normal boyfriend
Oh no she doesn’t!

Zoe needs 30000 for college in 12 years time
Just 12? We better get working on her math skills!

And not to leave Audrey out:

Audrey needs to stop being so friggin gorgeous
Absolutely, It’s threatening to the other babies in the neighborhood.

Audrey Needs More Wooden Spoons
Indeed, all caps man.

Audrey needs a sister or friends
I’m fairly sure she has both!

Audrey Needs Models for her Crazy Photography Ideas
She sure does, apply in the comments!

Audrey needs to “make more effort” regarding men
No, she really doesn’t

Audrey needs to party with the big kids

Audrey needs more Fire!!!
Again, no, she really doesn’t, especially not with that many exclamation points!

Audrey needs to have a huge range and very flexible voice.
Yes, she does, if she’s going to be the screen and stage star she was born to be.

Audrey needs to go back to town and use her magic parasol

and last but not least:
Audrey needs a bottle, everyone needs pajamas
so true, so true.

Just FYI, apparently Audrey needs more wooden spoons is a food journal and blog, that actually looks pretty cool. You can check it out here: http://paigeout.blogspot.com/ For a minute I thought it was a band name, and I’m kind of sad it’s not.

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  1. hahaha…Audrey Needs More Wooden Spoons needs to be a band! we should get on that 🙂

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