At this moment…

…my house smells like bleach from me cleaning the kitchen. Don’t worry, all doors are open and fans are on.
…my awesome pinstripe pants are in the wash in the vain hope that the a fore mentioned bleach won’t permanently hurt them. Will I never learn?
…I’m not holding out much hope for the pants. (It’s just a little splash though, and where a shirt would cover.)
… Audrey is sitting on my lap, having just finished her bottle.
…Zoe is in her bed screaming, “I see a bear!”. Apparently our talk about how monsters are our friends (it was “I see a monster!” yesterday) worked. Now to discuss friendship with bears.
…I’m tired, with too many things to do.
…I’m out of things to say. Off to do more of the a fore mentioned things.
…I’m really enjoying using the phrase “a fore”.

3 thoughts on “At this moment…

  1. i need to clean my house…i hate cleaning…oh, i did the ballet workout and got to the middle of exercise set 11 (there are 17), and it totally kicked my trash 🙂

  2. Hilary on

    I love you Maryanne, and your posts. They always make me smile. Thanks for that! And yes, boooo to bleach. I hate cleaning because of the smells of cleaners. . . OK – I hate cleaning for lots of other reasons too. 🙂

  3. Some day soon, I will have a house to make smell like bleach.

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