Of good report #5

Is the the 5th list of this kind on this here blog? I can’t be bothered to check. If it’s not, and that bothers you, you need to change your attitude. 🙂

Things that are making me happy today:

Christmas music- most especially Josh Groban’s album Noel, and the song Christmas by Blues Traveler. It’s one of my most favorite Christmas songs ever. When they bust out with Hark the Herald Angels Sing at the 4:30 mark, it just soars and I love it. Oh, and of course, Christina Aguilera’s Oh Holy Night– the “fall on your knees” moment after the Lord’s Prayer interlude is one of the most commanding, powerful versions I’ve ever heard. It really captures the immediacy of worship I think you’d feel in Christ’s presence. That’s why I love hearing different people’s versions of these songs, Josh Groban’s version emphasizes the “noel”, which had never stood out to me before; while Tracy Chapman’s version really brings home the humility of the song- I can imagine the shepards singing it to their families in the years following their experience at Christ’s birth. (Can you tell that O Holy Night is my other favorite Christmas song?)

The song On Children by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Pure loveliness.

The fact that at almost 2 1/2, Zoe is finally old enough to be entertained by workout videos (or as we call them in my house, dance shows), and so I was actually able to work out while she was awake this morning, which is a huge and blessed event. In related news, I totally recommend the AM Latte yoga/ballet workout from the fine folks at Yoga Booty Ballet.

I get to see Brandy today!

The beautiful green bird ornament that graces the top of our Christmas tree. We have a little tree- 4 1/2 feet- and all of the tree toppers I found looked like they would overwhelm it. But then I found this bird, and it’s perfect. The tree at my parents’ house always had 2 bird ornaments on it (not on the top, just on the tree) and I loved them, and while this bird is definitely bigger, it reminds me of them. I love the idea of birds in a Christmas tree, I’m sure the birds rejoiced at Christ’s birth too. Maybe I’ll try to take a picture and post it here, although I have no idea how to do that. (The posting part, I’m fully capable of taking a picture.)

Zoe has been walking around singing all day (and for weeks now)- we’ve taken to calling her Randy Newman because her songs are descriptions of everything she’s doing. There are food songs and walking songs and toy songs and even singing songs. She sings real songs too, mostly I am a Child of God and We are a happy family, but Popcorn Popping and Jingle Bells show up quite a bit too.

That Zoe remembers to say please and thank you most of the time. It makes catering to her every whim slightly more pleasant. 🙂

Our awesome mail woman is back! She’s been gone for a while, but she’s back now, and she totally goes out of her way to be nice and make sure to bring us our packages rather than just say she tried and make us go to the post office to get them. Yay!

That’s all for now, I’m being summoned to play pirates. And come to think of it, that makes me happy too. 🙂

What’s making you happy today?

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  1. You made me happy today 🙂 And I love the Tracy Chapman version of O Holy Night…

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