Marvelous Day (or, Of good report #4)

Today has just been a fantastic day. Audrey woke up at 7, but then went right back to sleep, and I decided to stay up instead of going back to bed. Instead of turning on my computer and getting sucked in, I read my scriptures and cleaned my living room. Zoe didn’t actually wake up until 8 (unheard of!), so I had a whole hour to myself to get the house in order while everyone else was asleep.

Zoe woke up in a wonderful mood, and was super excited for her adventure of the day- going up to San Francisco with her daddy to go to the car show. They got ready and headed out, and I got my to-do list organized for the week.

Hilary came over (hooray, hooray!), and brought adorable little Adam with her, and we just hung out and talked for almost 3 hours. It was so nice, it was such an easy, comfortable conversation, and I came away from it feeling so uplifted. Thanks Hil!

I had a cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch. YUM!!

Zoe and I went shopping later in the day, and I stumbled upon an awesome sale at Banana Republic and got two very cool sweaters that I look great in. I also found 2 pairs of pants at the Gap that were 50% off, but the line was super long, and while Z had done a really good job staying next to me during our excursion, waiting in a line that long was going to be pushing it. So I left them there and I’ll go back for them tomorrow.

We found a pink princess soccer ball that delighted and thrilled Zoe, and since she’d done such a great job, I got it for her. (Who am I kidding, I would have gotten it for her anyway.)

There was a surprise in the mail for me- a super secret first draft of a new book- hooray!

We had yummy food for dinner, and tonight I’m watching Casino Royale again with my wonderful husband in preparation for Quantum of Solace tomorrow….

What a marvelous day.

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