Of good report #3

Things making me happy today:

My vacuum cleaner. It has a DUSTING attachment. A DUSTING ATTACHMENT! My baseboards have never been so clean. And yes, I’m one of those people who cares about baseboards. Not anyone else’s baseboards, just my own. And it has a hush mode, so it can be quieter, which is important when your 2 1/2 year old is terrified of vacuums. It’s not much quieter, and it doesn’t make that big of a difference to Miss Scaredy pants, but it does a little. The handle folds down so it’s more compact and takes up less space, and it has an attachment that’s basically a mini- vacuum head, for little spaces. LOVE IT.

That I’m so enraptured by my vacuum.

That I get to choreograph 2 numbers for the upcoming play for my church’s youth group. It’s more of a review than a play, just a bunch of musical numbers and scenes loosely strung together. I’m doing a re-enactment of Chuck Berry’s Johnny Be Goode performance on American Bandstand, and …. wait for it… a disco piece to Barry Manilow’s They Dance. At the meeting last night where the directors figured out who was doing which number, they played the music and explained their idea for the number, and while it was clear they kind of had a ballroom-y kind of thing in mind, this was our exchange:
Me: “If I can do disco, I’ll do it.”
Them: very excited “Oh! Are you really good at disco?”
Me: “Absolutely not. But I’ll try it!”
So, it should be exciting. I’m just really happy to have the chance to do some dancing, I miss it a lot.

My father-in-law’s prayers. Any time we talk on the phone he ends with a prayer, and they’re always awesome. They’re so heartfelt and genuine. Today he asked that I have the strength of Joshua. Now I need to go refresh myself on Joshua, and how I can apply his experiences to my life.

Infant Tylenol. Audrey woke up with a fever, and tylenol brought it right down again.

Letters to Santa. Zoe wrote her first letter to Santa today. She asked for a trike. I think she’ll get it.

One thought on “Of good report #3

  1. Whew! The computer I check feeds on has been without the Internet for a good two weeks and then the craziest part of the semester when I meet with all my students started so I’ve just now been able to catch up on all your latest posts. 🙂

    One of the posts made me for some reason ask if you’re still the YW pres. I wasn’t sure if they would take pity on you or not after Audrey was born and give you a release. If you’re still diligently serving, I hope it’s all still going well. I miss the girls… teaching Sunbeams isn’t quite the same. 😛

    Also, that Toddler Busy Book sounds awesome. Did you read that for book club? The Mother In Me sounded great too.

    Re: a book you might hate… You’re probably a Jane Austen fan, but I personally can’t make it through her novels. (Not totally sure why.) Also, I’ve been assigned to read Heart of Darkness for seriously 5 different classes in my life and I still haven’t even read the first page. Why is that? I can’t quite say… It’s short, it’s brilliant (albeit on the racist side), it’s got the whole made-into-an-interesting-film connection, and it’s important. So what’s up with me?

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