You can’t lie to Batman

Just popping in here quickly to say, this is awesome. A 7 year old’s review of a recent Batman comic; insightful in the way only 7 year olds can be. And the paragraph that contains the title to this post is the best of the lot. Go check it out, nothing more to see here.

(Although, I must add; kudos to that dad for getting his kid comics, talking to him about what he reads, and encouraging him to write about it. That’s awesome.)

One thought on “You can’t lie to Batman

  1. hahah, that is so funny! i love reading your blogs, you’re so funny! I keep forgetting to tell you. My Mom tried to look at your blog and it wouldn’t let her. I don’t know why. 🙂 But she wanted to tell you congrats on the baby!

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