With my freeze ray, I will find the time to find the words

If you haven’t seen Joss Whedon’s incredibly awesome Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (which is a 3 part internet musical mini-series starring Neil Patrick Harris, who is full of win), you must go check it out. It’s available on iTunes for mere dollars, and it will give you such enjoyment – it’s a total steal. If you watched the musical episode of Buffy, this is approximately 2000 times better. (Although I will warn that the ending is pure Whedon- if you know his stuff, you know what that means.)

The reason for this post though, is to bring to your attention that the soundtrack, which is really, really good, is now available on iTunes. If nothing else, check out the songs Slipping and Everything You Ever, they’re just so incredibly good. There are definite traces of Sondheim, both in some of the melodic phrases and the complexity of some of the lyrics, which is never a bad thing. So go! I’m going to listen to My Freeze Ray again.

4 thoughts on “With my freeze ray, I will find the time to find the words

  1. I agree! Dr. Horrible was soooo good. Thanks for letting me know the soundtrack was out. 🙂

  2. I’d been meaning to watch some Dr Horrible, then thought it was starting off really slow, but then it got good and funny and I like it!

  3. Plus, it’s funny how Dougie is in the background in the homeless shelter, scooping soup, but just dumping it back in the pot.

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