A long shot

Ok, I’ll admit upfront that this is a long shot, but I’m going insane, and now I’ve pulled my sister into the insanity, so someone needs to help us.

There’s a moment in a movie where a little girl says “It makes me want to cry”. There’s a specific inflection, that of course I can’t capture in writing, but the closest I can get is that she emphasizes

7 thoughts on “A long shot

  1. sorry darling, though it sounds like a creepy vampire child, so maybe Interview with the Vampire?

  2. Terry on

    I suppose you already put the quote into IMDB and discovered that Drew Barrymore says that in “Ever After”.

    But, I agree that is does sound like something a vampire like Drusilla might say.

    Also sounds like an Alicia Silverstone line from Clueless.

  3. Terry on

    For a long time I was trying to remember what movie had the line

    “I just hate it when it’s sticky.”

    Finally, I found out it was from “My Chauffeur” Excellent 80’s movie.

  4. Terry on

    It’s Marta in the Sound of Music. During the thunder and lightning, right before “These are a few of my favorite things.”


  5. oh well, Alicia silverstone is matured nowadays but when she was still younger, she is the sex symbol of hollywood ;’;

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