Cracking up

After reading the following exchange, you can decide for yourself whether the title of this post refers to the act of laughing hysterically, or losing one’s mind.

The scene: Z is sitting at her little table, which is laid out with play plates/cups/bowls, etc. in different colors. I am sitting across from her.

Z: White cup!

M: What do you need to say?


I hand her the white cup, which she moves under the table while whining:

Z: Whiiiiiiiite cup! Whiiiiiite cup!

M: You have the white cup.

Z (voice still whining but now raising in volume): NO! White cup!

M: Z, you’re holding it under the table! You have it!

Z (Crying hysterically- she ramps up quick): NOOOOOO! WHIIIIIIIIITE CUUUUP! WHIIIIIITE CUUUP!!

M: You have it!


M (very slowly and precisely to be heard through the screaming): Z. Take your hand out from under the table.

She does this. Her hand is in the white cup, so it sits upside down on her hand and comes down to her wrist. She looks at it. She looks at me.

Z (with no touch of screaming/crying in her voice): Aaaarr!

M (admittedly thrown off): Are you a pirate? Do you have a cup for a hand?

Z (smiling dazzlingly and holding up her cuphand): YES!

3 thoughts on “Cracking up

  1. bruce on

    I see a vision of a phone conversation in the future:

    Maryanne: So when are you coming home from work?

    Me: Um…7:45

    Maryanne: Why so late?


  2. Too cute! I’m constantly astounded by these little imaginations. I love it.

  3. Mike on

    It is precisely for situations such as this that you should get movie camera eyeballs implanted.

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