Those dern high schoolers

Alyssa tagged me to come up with a list of 6 Things Everyone Should Accomplish Before they Graduate High School. She thinks I’ll have opinions ab0ut it seeing as I’m a YW Pres., but seeing as I had a dream last night that I was screaming at the girls for being rude and told one of the girls that I really just needed her to shut up, maybe I’m not the most objective person. (I really do love the girls, not quite sure where the dream came from!) 😉

But, I put my mind to it, and this is what I came up with. Most are intended as ways to get kids out of that snotty, self-obsessed mindset everyone has in high school.


One thought on “Those dern high schoolers

  1. Thanks for picking up the challenge! I especially think that #1 and #2 are important for teenagers. Studies have shown that the part of the brain that makes you think about and empathize with other people literally does not work normally when you are a teenager, so I think you have to work hard at getting outside of yourself at this age.

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