Call me lazy

Today is my birthday (hooray!) and seeing as I didn’t make my customary goals at New Years, I feel like I should follow my cousin Kim’s example and make some for this coming year of my life. Trouble is, I’m not in the mood to come up with any. So….. make me some goals! In the comments, post goals for me for the coming year, and maybe I’ll do them, and maybe I won’t, but I’ll be interested to see what you come up with! It can be your birthday present to me. Unless you already got me a present, or were planning to, in which case it will just be something a little extra. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Call me lazy

  1. Birthday Goal: Hatch and raise a chicken, then feed it to orphans.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Becky on

    Happy Birthday!
    How about a goal to see your cousins in the Bay Area more!
    Hey and the family reunion is June 14th, 2008!!!!

  3. Kim H on

    I think you should go camping. I have camping on the brain right now. I believe a bit o’ camping will cure just about everything.

  4. I think you should have a good pregnancy! Take it easy! Take a walk on the Beach! Eat ice cream in a grave yard! Have a bath with extra bubbles! Go to lunch with a friend from college (ME) and have a totally awesome Birthday!

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