Thoughts while watching the Tonys

The moral of A Chorus Line is really sad.

Ethan Hawke is sitting and acting like a schlub, how was he ever married to Uma Thurman?

I had no idea Rupert Holmes wrote a musical. I enjoyed his novels, and a murder mystery musical? Does it get better?

Speaking of murder mystery musicals, you’d think the new tv show Viva Laughlin would really be right up my alley, but I expected the same of the British version (Blackpool) and it just didn’t do anything for me. We’ll have to see if this one works out any better. Unfortunately it looks like they’re doing the music the same way, and that’s part of what just didn’t click.
Eddie Izzard is adorable.

Raul Esparza is one of the most talented people alive. I’d love to see him play Sweeney Todd. (Although Johnny Depp will be amazing.)
I can’t wait for Hairspray the movie! (Well, the second movie.)

Bernadette Peters has one of the most entertaining speaking voices ever. I would love to just hang out with her.
Usher is Ben Vereen’s godson?

And lastly, the same thing I think every Tonys, I really really miss performing. It used to be all I could see in my future, and while I know it’s not the direction I was supposed to go, there’s still a hole where that dream used to be.

I know, way to bring down the post. So click here to laugh and be happy once more. (What makes them even better is that all of the pictures were taken in the span of about 60 seconds.) Or click here to see proof that Miss Zoe really is my daughter.

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  1. Kim H. on

    Wow, Zoe is way cute. She is really growing up fast isn’t she? And she has enough hair to wear ponytails on both sides of her head, AMAZING.

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