The links in this post don’t work anymore because the people at So you Think You Can Dance are party poopers. Just come out with a DVD already, people!!

I’m putting this here so that I don’t lose it, but you really should check it out. It’s the zombie party dance from last season’s So You Think You Can Dance; what I hesitatingly call the best dance of the season. (There were some incredible pieces, but this is in the top 3 at least.) Honestly, I could just watch it over and over. And I would, right now, if I didn’t know it would drive B crazy. The song is awesome, and the choreography by Wade Robson is just stunning. Here’s the extended version with the top 20.
I also found, because this is apparently my lucky day, the sunflower dance, which is also in the top 3, for it’s gorgeous, heartbreakingness.

Those two are fantastic, but this one, this one is really my favorite (I realized as I watched it again just now). It’s Allison and Ivan doing Tyce DiOrio’s choreography to Annie Lennox’s Why, and it kills me every time. Such control, such chemistry- gah, I love it. (Skip to 1:43 to get right to the beginning of the dance.)

And for my sister, Ivan and Allison doing hip hop with umbrellas. (Skip to :40) and… Nick and Melody’s paso from season 1! And Heidi and Travis’ paso from season 2!(skip to 1:30)

Also for my sister- Travis in a Dr. Pepper commercial when he was little. Yes, really.

And for me? Nick’s final dance from Season 1. The control he has coming out of the spins of death make my heart stop every time. It’s a crappy copy, but anything is better than nothing!

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