Movie followup

Here’s the answer list for the movie game below, most of them were guessed but a couple weren’t- here they are with clues and answers.

1. One Day, Music Store, Head Shaving –Empire Records
2. Championship, plagiarism, Title spoken by character –Bring It On
3. Blackmail, Dandy, Upper Class – An Ideal Husband
4. Upstairs Downstairs, Murder, Maid – Gosford Park
5. Taxicab, Egyptology, Double Cross –Fifth Element
6. 1930’s, Actress, Revenge – Being Julia
7. Dysfunctional Family, Child Prodigy, Recurrent Stabbing in the Gut –The Royal Tenenbaums
8. Dance, Australian, Mock Documentary –Strictly Ballroom
9. Small Town, Drag, Road –To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
10. Rock and Roll, Grandfather and Grandson Relationship, Bathtub –A Hard Day’s Night

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