Across the universe

B sent me this link today. I don’t really know anything about it other than what’s here, but OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! This, if you were wondering, is a total Maryanne trailer. If you ever want to make a trailer for which I would be the target market, use this, the Moulin Rouge, and the Kill Bill trailer as templates, and I’ll watch anything you make.

3 thoughts on “Across the universe

  1. I saw a preview of this today when I saw Spidey 3 and it piqued my interest at first, but by the end of it, all I could think of was TOMMY, the Movie, sadly.

  2. I like the Beatles connection… Julie Taymor seems like a really interesting director. She’s supposed to be pretty cool. I haven’t seen anything by her, but I keep meaning to see her film Titus… (In my past life as a PhD candidate, I was writing a dissertation about Shakespearean cinema, so I would have gotten around to seeing it eventually.)

  3. Kim H. on

    I liked that trailer. Very Moulin Rouge-ish. I think the soundtrack will be very enjoyable.

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