Ghost in the machine

Picture this: It’s 1 am on the second night we’re in the new apartment. B is in Israel, Zoe is asleep in her room, I’m asleep in mine. The silence is broken by a noise coming from the baby monitor, a cough. But not a little baby Zoe cough, a grown up male cough.

Through the baby monitor positioned in Zoe’s room.

I figure that chances are slim that someone actually made it into the apartment without me hearing anything, so I don’t really freak out, I just go in her room and look around. No psycho killer, which is a positive, only Zoe, who is fast asleep, and definitely not coughing like a 40 year old man. I also can’t hear any coughing coming from another apartment or outside. So I chalk it up to a fluke and go back to my room.

Where I hear coughing on the monitor.

I go back into her room and listen at the wall, to see if maybe the monitor is picking something up that I can’t hear. Nothing. I move the monitor from near the wall where it’s hanging and put it on the floor in front of the crib. Then I listen at the floor to make sure the noise isn’t coming from downstairs. Again, nothing.

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  1. Bob H on

    Former Snell apartment resident, Stephen King, commenting on local paranormal behavior, expressed profound relief for having survived his Santa Clara sojourn. “Material for books galore, but I almost …” — You don’t really want to know what he had to say, do you?

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