Alyssa asked in a recent comment how many items I was able to mark off my uberlist by moving. I’m able to answer this because I was just wondering that myself. Some of them are still in progress, but this is what’s been done so far.

#52 Purge the house in time for the move. I threw things away with a vengeance. I had no pity. I was ruthless.

#53 MOVE! It’s kind of cheating to have this one on the list, but it was a goal and I did it, so it counts.

#59 Get new dishtowels. They’re green and yellow striped and very cute.

#61 Clean out storage closet. Yes, I did that.

#67 Clean out under sinks. There was a lot of junk under those there sinks. There’s a lot less now.

#68 Buy a Spotbot. Ok, so I didn’t actually do this one, because we were given a Spotbot, but the whole point was to have one in our possession, so I think it counts.

#102 Sort through crafting supplies and get rid of stuff I won’t use. It was sad giving away perfectly good yarn and other crafty items, but they’re going to a good home so it’s like they were sent to the farm rather than put down. (Or something, I don’t know, I’m tired.)

I’m in the process of doing #56 and #55, hanging art in Zoe and our bedrooms, but I’m not done yet.

So that’s 7 down, 100 to go.

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