King of the Valentine’s Day Parade

Before I begin this post, can I just mention that I love the word “parade” lately, and I have no idea why. Everything is a parade, Zoe’s toy bugs are always “bugs on parade”, Zoe herself is often “queen of the parade”, I don’t know where it came from. It’s just fun to say. But anyway.

B totally wins at Valentine’s Day. This morning he surprised me with a new sleek little 30GB iPod with video and photo and I’m pretty sure color too. The best part? In the tradition of my original iPod, it’s engraved on the back: “Maryanne’s New & Improved Magical iPod OF DOOM!”. (The original is Maryanne’s Magical iPod of Doom”, you see.)

2 thoughts on “King of the Valentine’s Day Parade

  1. ohhhh, turning red on Valentine’s day!
    I think it was very thoughtful of you! Way to go Bruce!

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