My advice to you

I try, on the whole, not to give unsolicited advice (and usually fail miserably, I’m a terrible meddler). But I feel pretty secure in sharing these 3 pieces of advice based on my cookie making experience of today.

1. If it seems like it’s taking longer than usual for the oven to preheat, follow your instincts and check it out.

2. If the cookies smell like they’re burning even though they haven’t been in for long enough to be cooked, take a look, don’t just assume everything is fine.
3. Baking cookies at 475 degrees for 10 minutes has a much different result than baking them at the prescribed 375 degrees.

From me to you.

3 thoughts on “My advice to you

  1. I sure hope the whole batch wasn’t wasted! Tell me that maybe one pan at least survived! I really can’t stand the thought of cookies ruined and thrown in the trash while the cook sheds silent tears in a smoke filled kitchen!

  2. Maryanne on

    Just the one pan was ruined. Then I turned off the oven and let it cool down before I cooked the other two batches. They came out beautifully. 🙂

  3. Becky, I hope you don’t do too much crying of silent tears in the kitchen.

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