Re-titled: Now, for Becky, or Why I should pay attention

REASON FOR THE RE-TITLE: So someone left suggestions in the comments of the last post, and because I wasn’t paying attention I thought it was Zia. But it wasn’t Zia, it was Becky. So… I’ve changed Zia’s name in this post to Becky, and I think Zia should now post a list of suggestions and then I’ll pretend that Becky wrote them before changing it back to Zia.

Becky had some suggestions in the comments of the last post of topics I could talk about, and even though she was kidding the joke is on her, because I have things to say! HaHa!

Trains: I think trains are neat. When I was a sophomore (I think) in high school 3 of my friends and I (and their moms) flew up to Canada and took a train across to Edmonton. It was the first big trip I’d ever taken without my family, and I remember feeling so grown up. The train trip was 24 hours, and we played cards and had a great time. I cheated by looking at the reflections in the cards across from me in the window. There was a little boy named Levi who was so cute. We curled up on the seats to sleep. I recently (yesterday) found a card that my dad sent with me to read the day we were on the train, and it said “Put your book away, you can read it anytime. Look out the window. You’ll never take this train ride again.” And I appreciated that advice, because I would have read for most of the time without it. I love my daddy. I’ve also taken a couple of shorter rides from San Diego up to Anaheim and back again, that was fun.

Frogs: I think frogs are cute. Zoe got a little toy for Christmas (from me) that’s a triangle with a frog on it and when you squeeze it it ribbits. She’s terrified of it.

Spelling bees: I’ve only been in one spelling bee. It was when I was in 6th grade, and my friend Melissa studied for months for it. I didn’t, because I figured I was a really good speller. And I am a good speller, but not out loud under pressure. The second word I was asked umbrella, and I started it with an m. So much for my spelling bee career. I don’t remember how far Melissa got, but it was much farther than I did.

Summer: I love summer.

Hiccups: I used to get really bad hiccups, for days at a time. Once I had the hiccups for 3 days straight. That wasn’t fun. Nowadays Zoe gets really funny hiccups, because she keeps her mouth closed and kind of swallows them- it sounds kind of like a bullfrog.

Now on to her serious question about the book Eragon. I haven’t read it, or seen the movie, but I do have a signed copy of the book that I really should read. When I worked for the con I helped Christopher Paolini’s mom get everything arranged for his family’s badges, and a week or so later she sent me a signed book. She was very nice, and I’ve heard that he’s a very nice young man. I’ve heard conflicting opinions on the book, and that’s what’s prevented me from getting to it so far, but I should put it on my TBR list for the year.

Thanks Becky!

4 thoughts on “Re-titled: Now, for Becky, or Why I should pay attention

  1. Much as I would like to take credit for this fab list, it was actually Becky! But I got a little thrill seeing my name up there. 🙂

  2. Well, how could I possibly resist THAT?

    Dumbbell, cherry cordial, Microsoft, atlas, bamboo, Queen Victoria, strawberries, and whether you have a sinking suspicion that you would NOT like Eragan if you were to read it or see it, but you’re too nice a person to say that.


  3. Becky on

    Golly! A signed copy! You met his mom! This is Ivon’s favorite book. He talks about it all the time. He breezed through Eragon and Eldest (the second book). I loved them too! I think he was most impressed with the fact that Chrisopher was also homeschooled.
    Zia-Becky…I bet we don’t even look alike yet we get mixed up!

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