Hi again

Some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for a while- some server problem that my darling husband fixed. In the probleming a post was lost, about how accident prone I was the other day. The important bits: I tripped up the stairs, banging myself profusely; Zoe didn’t die and was in no way maimed, due to my motherly getting hurt instead; lots of other little accidents happened that day; being around me is hazardous. Ta-da! Post replaced.

I’m supposed to be writing a review right now and am fiendishly procrastinating, so I thought that in honor of Thanksgiving I would begin a list of things I’m thankful for. This will hopefully help prepare and get me in the proper mood for the consumption of turkey.

1. My darling husband

2. My adorable Zoe

3. My family

4. My home

5. books

6. that my mom came and watched Zoe so we could go see Tenacious D

7. that Zoe slept for a good long chunk of time so that everyone involved in going to the concert, or facilitating the going to the concert could sleep

8. the yellow leaves of the tree outside against the blue of the sky

9. rocky road ice cream

10. that Zoe only screamed for 7 minutes tonight before sorting out how to fall asleep

11. my computer

12. Prince (this is a stream of consciousness list, what can I say?)

13. root beer lip gloss

14. my lovely, lovely bed

See how quickly it heads towards sleep? And it’s only 8 o’clock. I’m officially old. Old and tired.

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