NaNo day 5

It’s the 5th today, which means it’s day 5, which means somewhere along the way on a previous post I got the day wrong. Anyway, here’s today’s update, in which we move just that tiny bit closer to the actual mystery.

2 thoughts on “NaNo day 5

  1. Becky on

    oh the suspense is killing me again! I hope Zoe is playing nicely with her toys and you are typing away the next chapter!

  2. So, this is many days into NaNo, are you still writing? I really thought I would participate this year. I have several stories in my head wanting to be writen down for the masses. Oh, well, next year. Although I think I might start one of them before next November for the heck of it. Good story. I like it a lot already. I am more interested in it than the first 118 pages of Bourne Supremacy.

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