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It was pointed out to me today that it’s almost the one year anniversary of me last posting to this blog, which I find amusing. And snarky. So, without further ado, a post.

My favorite things of last year:

Book- The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
This book has the magic that you (or at least I) wish that all books did. It sweeps you away into another world.

Graphic Novel- Capote in Kansas by Ande Parks and Chris Samnee.
Hands down, no question. Read it now.

CD- Here Come the Tears by The Tears.
Majestic, orchestral, compulsively listenable, heartbreaking and exultant.

Movie (New)- Chronicles of Narnia or Batman Begins.
This one is hard because I don’t see that many movies generally, so I really only see ones I know I’m going to like. Chronicles of Narnia wins because it made me believe that the world I thought was real actually was. Batman Begins is just the best comic book movie I’ve ever seen, even when the first time I saw it was the worst movie going experience of my life. And actually, it did the same thing as Narnia- convinced me that Batman was real. Some will argue that Sin City is a better comic book movie, but I would argue that Sin City is rather the most accurate translation- which just testifies all the more to the power of the comic itself to tell the story. It made me want to read the comic again, not watch the film again. Dwight’s still the coolest ever. But anyway.

Movie (DVD)- Untold Scandal. (How do you credit a movie? Who is it by?)
It’s a fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Dangerous Liasons story. I currently own five different film versions of the story, and this one is perhaps the most odd, and most revealing. It’s set in 18th century Korea, which is remarkably like 18th century Paris, where the original is set. The change in setting allows for a new look at the interplay between the characters I know so well, and it’s visually stunning.

Fruit- peaches
I don’t know. I ran out of ideas momentarily.

Series of Books- Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher mysteries
These books are set in the 1920s, and embrace that time period; they deal with class and gender issues as well as flappers and bobbed hair. Phryne, the heroine, is marvelous, and the books are just the right blend of pulp and escapism.

New skill- knitting
I took one step closer to becoming the ultimate pioneer woman when I learned how to knit this year. Now if there is a disaster and I have yarn and knitting needles, I can keep everyone stocked in scarves.

TV show- So You Think You Can Dance
Laugh if you will, but I watched this compulsively. The world stopped when it came on, and I’ve never been so invested in a show, not even when it came down to Clay and Ruben on American Idol. I think my sister and I singlehandedly (or would that be doublehandedly?) willed Nick to win- I really think I would have cried if he lost. Well, maybe not cried, but I would have been seriously upset. The man pulled off something like 20 turns in a row in his final routine, it was gorgeous.

I’m out of ideas, and now I’ve posted so Mr. Smacky can’t say it’s been a whole year. He’s still my favorite cousin though. 🙂

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