Year End Roundup

I have discovered that while I can read, I certainly can’t count. I was in a panic over the last two days of the year because my reading total was at 98 books, and being that close and missing the goal of 100 would just suck. So I hurried and knocked off two more books, and was done. Then I panicked on the 31st that maybe I had counted wrong, and I really had only read 99 books, and there wouldn’t be time to finish one more. (Yes, I really do freak out over such things.)

Well, I counted again, and apparently I messed up somewhere along the way and I’ve actually read 102 books this year. So yay! but huh? The fact that I make notations of the count as I’m going should have made the mistake less likely, but numbers have never been friends of mine. Anyway, the goal has been reached for the third year in a row, and here is the final list of books read in 2005. My favorites (11 of them, almost 1 a month, except for October and November- and December has 2) are in bold.

As We Remember Her- Carl Sferrazza Anthony
The Everlasting- Jamie S. Rich
My Story – Marilyn Monroe
Death at Wentwater Court – Carola Dunn
Marilyn Monroe- Barbara Leaming
Requiem for a Mezzo- Carola Dunn
The Polysyllabic Spree- Nick Hornby
The Bloody Chamber- Angela Carter
Away with the Fairies- Kerry Greenwood
Marion Davies- Fred Lawrence Guiles
Damsel in Distress- Carola Dunn
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life- Amy Krouse Rosenthal
The Last Tycoon- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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