Books 1/20/05

I finished Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming, which is exactly what you’ld think, a bio of Marilyn. Man, did she have one messed up life. There was so much miscommunication, so many missed signals and misunderstandings, it made me want to scream at points. I feel so sorry for her, and can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she was born later. After reading the bio of Jackie, where every statement was backed up with a quotation from a family member or other reliable source, this took a bit to get used to, since it’s written as a straight narrative. I found myself wondering how Leaming knew what so and so was thinking at any given time, but finally went with it. The last section of the book has pretty indepth source citations, so I trust that the information was accurate, it just took some adjusting.

I think I’m going to try alternating a novel with non-fiction for a while, and see how that goes.

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Just Finished: Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming
Next Up: Requiem For A Mezzo by Carola Dunn

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