Golden Globes Report

Five minutes after I post my self righteous diatribe about celebrities, I’m watching the Golden Globes. I love awards shows, I love seeing people so excited about getting recognized for their work. I’m going to try this blog as you watch thing.

Natalie Portman just won, and is she so adorable or what? As they announced the nominees and got to Meryl Streep I thought “Could you imagine winning over Meryl Streep?” and then she did! And she was so genuine and sweet as she thanked people, you could tell she didn’t expect to win and didn’t have anything prepared. I’m so glad she won, she really is so talented.

The Dr. Pepper commercial with Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for love” is really funny. The joke has been done before, but the timing of it with the drama of the song is well done.

People who wear silk dresses really need to remember to wear some kind of bra. They make them strapless, there’s no excuse.

How darling was Mariska Hargitay’s dad? You could have just plucked him up and put him in the dictionary under “proud papa”. Him crying so unabashedly was really touching.

I could just watch Ellen dance and be entertained for days.

I really really hope that The Incredibles wins. Really really really.

Aah! My loyalty is so strained right now! I really want both Jason Bateman and Zach Braff to win for best actor TV comedy- YAY! Jason Bateman just won! That show is so intelligent and so funny, and he’s so good in it. I’m really scared he’s not going to mention Ron Howard since they keep turning the camera on him- I don’t think he did, I’m not sure.

I’m loving Halle Berry’s hair. And Johnny Depp is such a beautiful man. Those cheekbones are amazing.

Annette Benning was incredible in Being Julia, I’m honestly thrilled that she won. It’s a movie I’ll be buying and watching over and over again. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Annette Benning plays a woman her own age, sometimes without makeup- wrinkles and all, which is frankly amazing in this day and age. It’s a funny, touching movie, and I highly reccomend it.

Ok, I don’t know who the woman is who presented for best TV drama, but surely she has friends and family, or at least a stylist who could have told her that her dress was rather poorly chosen. Man, it was just bad.

How do they make Julianna Margulies’ hair so straight?

It’s refreshing to see Glenn Close so excited to win, does she not know that everyone considers her an acting goddess and that it would have been bizarre for her not to win?

OH MY GOODNESS! What is that gold lame toga thing that woman is wearing? Her boobs are all smashed, it looks like it’s torn, is it supposed to be someones take on a sari? How does an outfit like that even happen? It’s so atrocious!

Hooray for Teri Hatcher! I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, but I like her as actress, and doesn’t she look so thrilled? She’s so cute and so genuine, she wins.

Don Cheadle is an incredible actor, I hope he wins tonight.

What exactly is Lisa Marie wearing? I doubt she intended to look like Elvira.

I’m being won over by Mick Jagger tonight, I never really had an opinion on him before, but he’s a charming man.

Since there’s a commercial at the moment, I feel the need to clarify my stance on my previous post since I was going off about not obsessing over celebrities and now I’m sitting here talking about how pretty and or sweet I think they are. I have no problem with people liking celebrities as people, it’s when people start thinking they have a right to information about their private life, like they’re some kind of communal property that I have a problem. That’s all. And I think the GE healthcare commercial where the brain doctor says they have to get back to the ship is funny.

Prince is truly one of the most gorgeous men who has ever lived. Ever.

And on the same topic, doesn’t Clint Eastwood look good? For any age! He was breathtaking when he was younger, and he’s still pretty dang nice to look at now. I hope I age half so well.

I’m so pleased that Jamie Foxx won Best Actor, I’ve heard only rave reviews of Ray (I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t seen any of the movies any of these guys were nominated for), and it seemed like such a labor of love. His acceptance speech was so humble, pointing out everyone else who made the film happen, and his words about his grandmother were so sweet.

Yay Robin Williams! I don’t have words for how much I like and admire him. He has such a light in his eyes, he seems so kind and so good, I think the world is a better place for him being in it. The fact that he’s one of the funniest men ever is almost secondary.

mmmm, Orlando Bloom.

mmmm, Charlize Theron.

So Leonardo DiCaprio won over Don Cheadle, ah well. I can’t complain too much, I think Leonardo is incredibly talented. I was sad that he kind of got railraded after Titanic, when he was so popular that it became unfashionable to like him. I didn’t watch Titanic, but he was incredible in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and really good in Romeo + Juliet. It’s nice to see him getting credit for his talent again.

Yay Hilary Swank!! Seeing Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood tear up at her words says so much. And Chad Lowe is one of the cutest people ever. His crying when she won the Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Incredibles really had no shot against Ray and Sideways did it? I could dream.

Another awards show over, and I didn’t win anything. =)

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