Remembering Will

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Will Eisner. I only met him once, very briefly, but I know a great number of people who knew and loved him, and who are taking his death very hard. It’s touching to me to see how deeply a man who was pretty much as big a “celebrity” as you can be in comics affected so many people on an intimate, personal basis. It’s the difference between being popular and being TRULY popular I guess; lots of people know the names of the big “superstars” of comics (who will remain nameless here), but will they be really deeply sorrowful when they die?
Will Eisner was incredibly talented; I’m grateful for the work he left behind, work that truly deserves the title literature. I’m also grateful for the legacy he left comics- a legacy of innovation, hard work, dedication, and kindness. He made people want to be better artists, better story tellers, and better people.
I can technically say that I worked with him on one project- when we were putting together the 25th Anniversary book for Atlantis Fantasyworld he contributed a piece to it, a beautiful Spirit page, full of detail and wit. I remember the day it came in and I opened the package and yelled for Joe to come out and see it, and we just stood and looked at it in awe. He was willing to take time out of his busy schedule at Comic-Con to sign at the Atlantis booth, and was so kind to everyone who came to see him.
He was pure class, a true gentleman, and he will be missed.

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