Books 1/4/05

Hurrah Hurrah, the first book of the new year. I got a number of gorgeous photo books about Jackie O this Christmas from my darling husband, and that, combined with the memory of The Secret Letters book inspired me to pick up a bio of Miss Jackie. There are so many sordid expose style books that it took a little while to find one that looked reputable, but I settled on As We Remember Her: Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis in the Words of Her Family and Friends by Carl Sferrazza Anthony. It was very much the right choice, it’s the perfect blend of narrative and quotations, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The thing I came away with the most, other than how cool a woman Jackie was, was the human nature and frailty of our political leaders. I tend to depersonalize them, forget they’re human beings like the rest of us, and because of that, the political system seems very foreign and distant to me. But it’s really not, and now I’m really interested in reading more about the people behind our country, the leaders who have created the history that has gotten us where we are. I remember thinking something similar when I watched the movie Thirteen Days- something about the Kennedys brings it out in me I guess.

I just started reading The Everlasting, FINALLY!, and am loving it so far.

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Just Finished: As We Remember Her by Carl Sferrazza Anthony
Currently Reading: The Everlasting by Jamie S. Rich (Don’t try to find it on Amazon, I have an early copy. Nyah nyah nyah!)

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