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I saw an ad for Lysol that included the “word” healthing. As in, “A healthing tip”. Healthing is not a word. It’s so not a word that the ad actually made me angry. I think perhaps I need more sleep.

Another not verb that bugs me is disciple. I’ve been reading a couple of books written by Christians lately and they all used the word disciple as a verb- as in “to disciple a child” – meaning, to teach them to be a disciple of Christ. But it’s not really a verb, and it just doesn’t work for me. It either brings up images of disciplining or of making the child a disciple of you, neither of which are the definition they’re going for.

MAC Cosmetics is launching a new line based on romance novels and the whole thing makes me laugh deligtedly. They’re totally playing on the campiness of old school romance novel covers and I love it. (Click on the word “new” up there to get through the link. My computer is being titchy so I couldn’t make it a more obvious link.)  I NEED the Before Dawn green nail polish. NEED, I say. It’s possible that I’m addicted to khaki green nail polish.  What can I say, Sally Bowles was an early influence on me.

On a related note, that wide eyed blank look that she gives him as he’s speaking German? I know that look very well. I do it all the time. 🙂

This next section will probably only be interesting to my friends who watch So You Think You Can Dance, so feel free to skip if you want.

My thoughts on last week’s episode:

I’ve only watched the dances so far- not any of the lead in clips or judging, so I really have no idea as I ask this- was Twitch supposed to be an old man hitting on a young woman in he and Jessica’s routine? Because that’s what it looked like (either the light was hitting his hair weird or it was sprayed to be a lighter color) and the whole thing came off a little creepy.

Ade is a gorgeous dancer. As is Jasmine. I couldn’t watch Emilio at all because I was too busy watching her. She’s just hypnotic. And Kathryn as well.

The lighting was so screwy for some of the routines. I felt like I could hardly see Jacque and Chehon’s routine, or Zach and Amy’s. (Though their routine was incredible. Amy is incredible.)

The entire time that Ricky and Lauren were dancing, I thought Lauren was Chelsea Hightower.

Tanisha has my heart. Anyone who can pull off an excellent Argentine Tango is good in my books.

Rudy needs to stop his face. Too much mugging.

Another girl danced, and for the life of me I can’t remember who it is or what dance it was. Carly, maybe? Oh, wait, Bollywood. That’s right. I will just note that I was glad to see Brandon back, and mention that his biting her dress was really a strange moment.

What does it say that most of what I cared about this week was the All Stars? It says that I really don’t care about anyone this season except for Ricky and Tenisha. And Valerie. She’s darling. But everyone else is there to serve as partners for the All Stars I really want to watch.

Ok, SYTYCD commentary over.

Sometimes I worry (not really, but kind of) about the things I’m drawn to. I was reading a summary of a book and was immediately in when I read the following: “the characters are delightfully profane and dripping with irony, they are arrogant and shallow”. This seems like something I should not think, “Yes! Those are characters I want to read about!” And yet they are.  (The book is The Magician King by Lev Grossman if you’re wondering. I also bought it because it was $2.99 and the book that comes before it was only $2.99. I am a sucker for cheap books. Keeping a resolution not to buy books, you say? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

Have you seen the trailer for the movie The Boxtrolls? It looks utterly adorable. You should know that it’s based on a book called Here Be Monsters!, which is fantastic. I’m reading it aloud to the girls at bedtime and they are loving it. It has a decided lack of female characters, but the story is a lot of fun. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it. (The book is quite different than what it looks like the movie will be.)

I am in love with the song Chandelier by Sia. It’s so evocative. When I listen to it, there is an almost fully formed character that comes into my mind; I need to write her into something. I just have to decide if she’s the murderer or the murdered.

The girls are watching The Muppet Show with Alice Cooper. I remember watching this episode when I was little. I had to take a nap to be able to stay up to watch The Muppets when I was little. I pushed that line one day and didn’t take my nap, and sure enough, I didn’t get to stay up. I was a sad panda that day.

We were listening to Yellow Submarine on the kids’ channel today, and it struck me that it was originally a song for adults. And was a popular song for adults. Isn’t that strange to think about?

That’s all I’ve got for today. Leave a random thought in the comments if you so wish.

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  1. Trina on

    Are you sure in the Lysol commercial that they said, “healthing”? Perhaps they really said, “Healthy,” they sound a lot alike. If they didn’t, they should have.

    And you’ve probably seen the whole episide of SYTYCD now, but yeah, they made Twitch an old man. It was creepy. It would have been a really good dance were it not for that.

    And *Spoiler Alert* if you haven’t seen the end of that episode:

    When Rudy got eliminated and he started crying, but the girl who also got eliminated at the same time wasn’t crying…I really wanted her to just slap him and say, “Keep it together, man!” in the same tone of voice Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum uses to say, “Stop babbling, man!” to Ben Stiller’s character.

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