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Because sometimes you just have to empty out your brain.

I can’t stand the words “feels”. As in “That made me feel all the feels.” Or, “This got me right in the feels.” Can’t stand it.

I hate the rumba. (Not to be confused with the roomba. I think that little robot guy’s pretty awesome.) No, the rumba. It’s horrible and I hate it so much. I hate it more than anyone should legitimately hate a dance, and yet I do, legitimately, hate it that much.


The Japanese words for hospital and salon are ridiculously close to each other. (Byoin and biyoin.)  I can see the difference, and I can sometimes hear the difference, but I can not, apparently, speak the difference. (This came up in Japanese lesson, not in real life, thankfully.)

I try really hard not to judge other parents, because I know that everyone is dealing with their own situations that I most likely know very little about.  But every now and then, I see someone making a parenting decision that seems totally crazy to me. And then I wonder what parenting decisions I make that other people think are totally crazy.

I don’t understand people who don’t read. I mean, I understand it logistically, I just don’t get it.  Like those infographs that talk about whatever percent of the population hasn’t read a book since high school. How does someone do that? If there are books around you, and you know how to read, how do you not read a book?

Did you know that the phrase “ask out” as in, to ask someone out socially, came into being in the 1880s? It’s true.

Speaking of words coming into being, there’s a post somewhere on the internet (I saw it on pinterest) that is something like “the top 10 quotes attributed to Shakespeare that he didn’t write”. And not one single one of them sounds the least bit like anything Shakespeare ever wrote. They’re not even remotely close to sounding right. (And no, it’s not a joke post.) Why don’t people fact check things? For example, there was another thing that someone posted about how their life was a lie because they just found out that Mickey from Season 1 new Doctor Who and Martha Jones from later season Doctor Who are married in real life. And their proof was a picture of the two of them with a kid. They’re not married in real life! Mickey’s married to a woman named Iris. Two seconds it took me to fact check that. Two. The moral is, don’t believe stuff you read on the internet. Except that thing about “ask out”. Because that’s totally true.


Here’s the picture. Not married.

I wish that I was remotely interested in watching The Good Wife, because it has a great cast- including Alan Cumming, who I love in inverse proportion to my hatred of the rumba. I just have absolutely no interest in it at all.

I feel bad for Gwyneth Paltrow right now. She’s in a tough position. I roll my eyes at her GOOP-iness, but she’s living her life and her truth and whatever !Oprah. (That’s my new fill in for the words of wisdom Oprah would drop in there.)  I assume she’s trying to live the best way she knows how, no matter how insane or privileged that way looks to the rest of humanity. And I understand that people judge her and say that she deserves it since she’s put herself out there to be judged. But the woman is going through what I assume is a hard life situation (no matter how famous a person is, they’re still human, and no matter the underlying reason, your family breaking apart has to be difficult. I assume she is not completely cold hearted and horrible.) and people are joyous about it. They’re gleeful.  I hope she’s not aware of it. I hope she’s able to figure things out and get things settled without also having to deal with the knowledge that there are a whole bunch of people who are delighted that her marriage has fallen apart. Not because they thought it was a bad marriage, or dysfunctional or damaging, but because they think she’s uppity and snobby and deserves to suffer.

ANYWAY. That got a little ranty. I apologize.

My sister is a very sensitive soul, and cries easily. Because of this, we have a term for certain movies that have obvious “wallow in the ugly cry” kind of storylines. They’re “Anti-Liz” movies. Well Karen Gillian is in a new movie coming up, which I was really excited about until I saw what it’s about and now I’m running like Amy and the Doctor (see what I did there?) because it seriously looks like the ultimate “Anti-Maryanne” movie. Her brother is in jail for killing their parents, but she and he know that they were really killed by an evil entity that lives in an antique mirror in their house. And then they have to confront and get rid of said entity and mirror. I can think of very few movies that would terrify me more. I was uncomfortable just reading the description of the movie. So now you know, if you ever need to get information out of me, just use that movie. I’ll be handing over the secret files in seconds.


Out of all the websites in the world, I think I would be most devastated if imdb ceased to exist. I use it daily. Today I figured out that I recognized Gary Cole from both Suits and Talledega Nights. This is important to know.

I am ankle deep in editing a novel and I am drowning in plot holes and anachronisms. NaNoWriMo is a wonder for getting a story out of a person, but making that story comprehensible is another thing entirely. Did you know that most people don’t just show up for a chat at 2 am? Or that women weren’t admitted to Princeton until the 60’s, which makes one going there in 1917 very improbable? Or, and this one was my favorite, my utter “duh” moment, when I IMed a friend for advice because I was totally stuck:

I need your alcohol expertise, darling. What would bright young flappers have drunk? Something lighter and more girly than gin, preferably.
Um. Duh. Champagne. 
I need to rewatch Doctor Who, I think. I just went fishing around to find that picture above, and found such lovely things.
It’s lunchtime, so I must go make lunch. Funny thing about that. I also told the girls I’d make some cookies today, so I suppose that’s also on the docket. Then we’re making constellations by punching holes in cardboard.  Thank goodness for the internet and Amazon, they save me on a regular basis since we don’t have a library.  I miss the library. Go use your library this week, for me.

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    You are so very entertaining! I will use the library multiple times this week. One of those times will be for you.

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