The girls

I was thinking that I should have posted some pictures of the girls in the last post, but I didn’t have any new ones handy. Then Tiny came in and started posing up a storm- so for any of you who wanted pictures, she says, “You’re welcome.” And you are welcome. These are possibly my favorite pictures in the history of all time.

But first, a picture of the divine Miss Zoe. Doesn’t she look so grown up? IMG_4426

Ok, are you fully prepared for the madness that is to come? Pssst, you’re not.










4 thoughts on “The girls

  1. Gerry on

    It is enjoyable to experience your adventures being a mom in a faraway place. Children are adorable all over the world.

  2. How in the world does so much personality fit into one so small?! They are growing up so fast! Miss you all!

  3. Brandy on

    I think Zoe is just the cutest girl ever and Tiny has charisma for DAYS!

  4. Gail Follansbee on

    That picture of Zoe is one of those captured moments when you can see a premonition of the beautiful woman that your daughter will grow up to be. This photo is incredible.

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