At this moment, random photos

At this moment, it is 3:26 pm.  It is 93 degrees out, but it apparently feels like 108. It is HOT. Humidity is 63%. So we have closed ourselves in our living room with the air conditioner on. We just had a little tea party and now the girls are watching “Feeding Time”, a documentary show about feeding animals at the zoo. They’re enjoying it. Although now they’re trying to do do cheerleader jumps. Their attention wanders.

Earlier today we went to Jiyugaoka to go grocery shopping- our local grocery stores are quite expensive (one is in the train station- always pricier- and the other is an international store), and so we’ve been exploring to find cheaper options.  One of our options is to go out to Meguro, which is where we used to live, and where prices are lower, but it takes a while to get out there. Jiyugaoka is only one stop away, and our excursion out there today was a success, so we will probably stick with it.  One of my friends is going to show us where she goes, but it’s easiest reached on bikes, and we don’t have bikes yet.

On the train to Jiyugaoka a very nice Australian man struck up a conversation with Zoe, and we talked about grocery store options and stores that deliver. As we went separate ways he gave me his card, with the offer that if we ever ran into any hassle at a store that we could give him a call on his cell and he would talk to them in Japanese for us. I’ve noticed this as a regular occurrence- both ex-pats and Japanese who speak English and Japanese  being super willing to help with translation.  It’s such a generous thing, and I’m so grateful anytime someone offers.

On the way home, we ran across this  butterfly. Unfortunately for it, fortunately for us, it was deceased (note the absence of most of a body). I was able to get some pictures – aren’t these colors beautiful? I’m seriously so inspired by these patterns and colors.



This is the inside of the wings- I couldn’t separate them too much without breaking them. I find it fascinating how different the inside and outside colors are.



Tiny was the one who found the butterfly- she’s gotten really quite good at spotting bugs- alive and dead.  This little caterpillar was alive.



This cicada was dead. I have very little squeamishness when it comes to bugs, and even less when it comes to dead bugs. I think it’s awesome that we get to see them up close and personal.




Since it’s so hot, we’ve been using the parasol that Tiny got for her birthday, and the parasol that we finally found for Zoe. She has been wanting a zebra print parasol, and we’ve been looking for one for a solid month. I didn’t think one actually existed. But we finally found one. It’s actually an all weather umbrella, so it’s a bit big, but it works as a parasol too, which is nice, because portable shade is always a good thing.



Here’s Tiny, dressed in her crazy patterns and colors, with her Kiki’s Delivery Service parasol, all ready to go to Harajuku.



Speaking of fashions, check out this guy. Back in my college days, we would have called these pants “pimpin’.



Less suave fashion:



One of the things I love about summer here is the people walking around in yukata. It’s just so slender and pretty.

IMG_8797I posted this on Facebook, but I’m posting it here too. This is seriously effective advertising. I don’t speak/read Japanese, but I was instantly pulled in by this ad on the train. Everything from the woodblocky style of the art, to the image itself, to the “font” of the kanji indicates to me that whatever this is advertising is something I would be interested in. And sure enough, it’s an ad for an “old book sale”.  Of course it is.



In other appealing to me brands, I am kind of in love with Cath Kidston. It’s a UK brand with stores spread around Tokyo, and I’m just a sucker for their stuff. Today their store in Jiyugaoka was having a major sale (50% off!) so we picked up some teacups and saucers and food for our little tea party. Z was campaigning for a teapot, but even at 50% off it was more than I wanted to spend.



For your edification- what to do “Should an earthquake occur directly beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan area here and now”.  On the whole, I have to keep the thought of earthquakes at the very back of my mind so that I can get the girls and myself on the trains we need to get on, but they’ve got a very organized system in place in case of emergency, which is a comfort.



This is a random picture from Kiddyland- I don’t know if this is from a show or what, but I have a deep affection for these characters. There’s a bunny and a squirrel, and in my head they work together in an office and are kind of feisty.



I love these dolls more than I can possibly say. They’re just so very.




This one cracks me up so much. She’s just so snippy! In my head she is Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim.


I thought this was a movie poster, but after some research I’ve realized that it’s actually a Harry Potter exhibit- a collection of stuff from the movies. I want to go to it, but I don’t know that the girls would be interested at all- we haven’t read the books yet. But I feel like I have to go to represent all my friends and family who would want to go. 🙂


Let’s see, what else? I’m currently reading Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly, which is a pulpy adventure set in the silent movie era in Hollywood. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Today for school we talked more about Caesar and Cleopatra, and the death of Caesar. The girls are quite mad about his assassination, and it’s been interesting talking about the strife that can come from different types of government. We just finished reading The Lost Princess of Oz, and one of the main plot points is someone who wants to take over and rule Oz– it’s been fun seeing the themes carry over in different ways.

Tomorrow we’re meeting friends to see some fish and eat pizza, hopefully it’s good! We haven’t yet found good pizza here. But time with friends will be good regardless. On Wednesday we’re going to the zoo, and then our shipment gets here Thursday and Friday. Hooray for stuff! 🙂 Once things are out and settled I’ll take some pictures of the house.

Time to make dinner- tonight we’re having hot dogs and corn on the cob. Anything more would just be too hot.

What are you up to?

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  1. Rachel on

    Our favorite pizza place is Chicago (fire?) Pizza. Their ad says denenchofu on it, but I think it’s in jiyugaoka. Super yummy! And the deliver. Dominos also has an English site. Not as yummy, but cheap.

  2. More lovely photos! Nice variety, too! I have a friend who loves dolls from Japan. She spends a TON of money importing them. She would go crazy with jealousy if she saw those photos.

    As for the random fashion sightings… wow.
    One day I’ll go to Japan.

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