I stole this little meme from another blog.

Outside my window: It is blue skies and gorgeous fluffy clouds. The roof on the house across from us is such a gorgeous mix of blue and purple, and ripples like fish scales. Most of the cicadas are quiet at the moment, and the street is quiet.  Someone just rode by on a bike.

I am thinking: about where to put stuff when our shipment gets here. (We’re still not sure when that will be.) Since we have different storage options- especially in the girls’ room- we’ll have extra bookshelves to use in other places, and I’m trying to mentally sort out where things can go.

I am thankful: for a gorgeous day, for beautiful green trees outside my window, for iMessage so I can text with friends at home and get gossip, for the fan blowing lovely cold air on me, for being in Japan.

Remembering: that the laundry is probably done. Hmm. I just went and checked, and the dryer is going. But I don’t remember setting the dryer. I did one load of laundry this morning and hung it out to dry, and then put in another to wash with the intent of then drying it in the dryer- I’m really hoping that I actually set it to wash first. This is one of the tricks of having a combo washer/dryer. Oh well.  I’ll find out in 35 minutes.

From the learning rooms: This afternoon we’ll be learning about Caesar crossing the Rubicon and making flags.  And, you know, math and spelling.

From the kitchen: I am eating Pringles. They are delicious. They are also my breakfast, which I realize is bad form. But they are delicious and just what I want right now.

I am wearing: light brown linen pants and a Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Captain shirt. From my days at Hogwarts.

I am creating: order in the universe by figuring out our schedule for this week.

I am going: downstairs in a minute to get some water.

I am reading: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki which is SO good. I’m more than half way through it, and it’s just incredibly good.  It does have swearing in it, which makes me hesitate to suggest it to everyone I know, but otherwise I would.
Online, I’m reading about Sean Parker’s wedding and the surrounding controversy, which is FASCINATING.

I am hoping: my hanging laundry stays put despite the wind. I think it will.

I am hearing: the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect, specifically the mix from the final competition, when the Bellas kill it. I seriously love that scene so much I can’t stand it. I’m literally grinning as I listen to it right now. The music just builds so perfectly, and the facial acting by Skylar Astin is devastating as he goes from “wait, what is she singing”, to  “what is she doing, does this mean what I think it means”, to “I can’t believe this is happening to me”, to “I’m all in- John Bender fist pump”. And your heart is all aflutter at that point, and you’re super happy, and then the music just keeps going instead of being over, and you just get to celebrate and be happy. And ultimately the scene (and the end of the movie) is about them killing it, not about the romance, which is kind of cool if you think about it.

Around the house: The girls are playing downstairs in the teahouse. We discovered another door in there yesterday (another one leading outside), which provides great airflow so it’s not hot in there. They’ve been playing “Granny Playhouse Society Club”  which, according to Zoe,  is “a club where there’s different games for each day and you have to use a granny kind of voice and sometimes the grannies teach the kids about stuff. It’s kind of a school teaching game. I have a turn, and I’m the teacher, and Tiny’s the kid, and then she’s the teacher and I’m the kid.”

One of my favorite things: is seeing butterflies fly past my window. Hello butterflies!

Pondering: if we should go to the park today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We may go swimming with friends, which will entail figuring out how to take a bus. It can’t be that difficult, right? It’s just a bus. B starts Japanese lessons tonight, which is exciting.  We’re going grocery shopping tomorrow, and then, we’ll see!

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  1. Cousin Kim on

    I feel like you are in a magical place. Everything, including the mundane, seems magical.

  2. Favorite Cousin Mike on

    What a pleasant life! How is your Japanese coming?

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