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I don’t  have a lot of pictures of our house yet, because most of our stuff isn’t here, and it’s really hard to get representative pictures of rooms with no stuff in them to give perspective. So instead I offer you pictures from around our neighborhood. We live in Denenchofu, which is home to some super ritzy, huge houses. Our house is not so huge (large for Tokyo, yes, but not as big as these places.) We live right on the edge of an area that’s kind of shaped like half of a wheel with spokes, and that area has super rich people that live in it. You’ll see. (The house that we’re living in is 30 years old, which makes it really old for Tokyo standards, and that’s why its a price we can afford.)

This is part of our train station. So cute!


A little pond area by the station.



A cute little store near the station.


Our local post office.


Are you ready for the massive houses?








IMG_8176There’s a local ordinance that all of the houses have to have gardens, which means that all of the lots have to be bigger. There are more and even cooler houses, which I will get pictures of soon. One looks like a witch school, and the girls want to matriculate there. 🙂


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  1. Wonderful buildings. It’s like another word… oh, wait, it is like that, haha! I’m a clean freak so I love all the organization, lawns and gardens.

  2. What a delightful place to live! I would spend all day walking into things as I stared at other things trying to take it all in!

  3. Brandy on

    I need your address so I can help you use your post office {smile}

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