Japan! Ueno Zoo revisited

We made it to the zoo today, and while we stayed for 4 hours, when it was time to leave the girls still complained that I’d promised that they could stay as long as they wanted. I think that could possibly be forever.

Anyway, a few things from our visit:



For my momma:


This eagle was so vocal, screaming his little head off. From far off we thought it had to be a monkey making all that noise, but it was this fellow, and he even got the eagles in another cage riled up too. I have video of him, but I have to figure out how to get it on here, so you’ll just have to wait. 🙂


I did not crop this picture, nor did I use a zoom. This lioness was this close to us.


This bird is cool.


The girls loved these lovebirds.

IMG_4819Another instance where I just could not get the photo to reflect what I saw, and I don’t know enough photo editing to fix it. But there’s a crane on the 2nd story there.



Oh the petting zoo. How my children love you, and how you stink.




Doesn’t the spoonbill struk look like a statue? We observed that it doesn’t blink very often, and when it does, its eyelids come in from the side, instead of down from the top.



Wait, what kind of penguins are these? Ah. The jerks of the penguin world.


The girls have fallen hard and fast for red pandas. We may have an obsession on our hands.



We didn’t make it to the Royal Museum to see King Tut, but the girls would argue that the animals were better.

3 thoughts on “Japan! Ueno Zoo revisited

  1. But the stinky petting zoo is part of the charm, hahah! Haven’t you noticed that children around the world have NO problem with the smell of animals when they are allowed carte blanche to pet docile farm animals?

  2. And is that serious? A Jackass Penguin? I’m gonna Google that. And it must’ve been thrilling to be that close to a full grown lion.

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