Japan! Tokyo Tower

For those who don’t know, the girls went through a period where they were obsessed with “the Eiffel Tower of Paris”. Any time they referred to it, it was by that full name, as though there were Eiffel Towers all over the world and they needed to be clear. (I think, actually, that we can credit/blame Little Einsteins for that.) Well, they may have been on to something, because the other day we visited the “Eiffel Tower of Tokyo”.

Built in 1958, it is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and beats out the Eiffel Tower’s 320 meter height by 13 meters, and is the world’s tallest self -supporting steel structure. It’s no longer the tallest building in Tokyo though, that’s the Tokyo Sky Tower.

On to the pictures!

Before dark.

After dark.

There was a little lighted play area at the base, and the girls had a great time running around.

Tiny was sitting in this train car when she got paparazzied.  At one point there were about 6 more people around her, all with their phones out to take pictures.

The tower has two different observation decks. You take the elevator up to the first, and then wait your turn to go up to the second.

The view from the top. That’s the Rainbow Bridge down there.

Hanging out at the top of the city.

Tiny got to push the down button on the elevator. They don’t let just anybody do that. (There’s an elevator concierge,  as well as elevator operators.)

Back on the ground.

Obligatory picture of Zoe being a zombie.

On our way back to the train station, we walked past a temple, and in the courtyard were hundreds of these little statues. We have to go back during the day to check them out, but in the dark they were oddly eerie. (Yes, they all have pinwheels, and some have crocheted hats.)

One last view of the tower.

3 thoughts on “Japan! Tokyo Tower

  1. Daniele on

    I thought Zoe was reenacting a scene from Karate Kid. 😉 Great pictures!!!

  2. Next the girls can visit the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas. 🙂

  3. As for the Tiny and the paparazzi… I was wondering just what experience you (and the girls) were having with being a *foreigner* in Japan. I know it can vary from place to place, but I’m quite curious how you’re handling it.

    The tower looks grand. Love it.

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